Repairs: Windown Laptops (HP, Dell, Lenovo, etc)

Laptops Water Damage Repair Diagnostic

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Was your PC recently exposed to any form of liquid? Maybe it was left out in the elements – or you spilled a cup of coffee on it. Liquid damage can do everything from making your keyboard malfunction to preventing your machine from turning on. If you suspect your computer has liquid damage, don't attempt to power your machine on or continue using it – doing so may cause additional damage. Instead, we can safely examine it for you with our free PC Diagnostic service. We’ll start by physically examining the internal components of your PC, looking out for any lingering signs of moisture, such as corrosion or rust. If found, we’ll proceed by thoroughly cleaning and drying the components in question using our PC Liquid Damage Motherboard Cleaning Service. Once everything is clean we’ll proceed by fully testing your PC. If everything is found to be functional then you will only be charged for the cleaning service. If any components require replacement, that fee will be waived, and we’ll contact you with a repair quote. At uBreakiFix we fix it or it's free, so if you choose not to proceed beyond diagnostics – or if your PC is not repairable – you won’t be charged.